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The patent pending Master Key Loose Siding Fastener is a hidden aluminum rust resistant clip that helps secure areas of vinyl siding which easily become loose and unlocked, due to weather, age, or settling after a manufactured home is moved as well as poorly installed siding.

The Master Key Loose Siding Fastener is simple to install, requiring no nails, screws or caulk. Need some help? Click here for installation instructions!

Master Key Loose Siding provides a long term, aesthetically pleasing solution for areas of loose siding. Ideal for manufactured homes with problem areas of loose siding. Use during the installation of siding. Giving a more secure fit when leveling vinyl siding. Use when siding does not align over the tops of windows and doors, during vinyl siding installation.


Low cost and affordable, Master Key Loose Siding Fasteners work great for the Do-it-Yourselfer